Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two Most Beautiful and Life-Changing Words

I have often wondered how those who have been so wounded by life - much more than I myself could ever imagine - share their deepest, most vulnerable moments with the entire world to hear.

Laying it all out there for the world to see. 

Their stories, so foreign to many of us, seem too painful to bare time and time again. 

How do they get through their pain and tears enough to tell of the moments in their life where they seemed the lowest, the weakest, the most desperate?  My insecure flesh cannot imagine having to share the deepest, most tender places of my soul.  To expose my areas of weakness and greatest need causes feelings of sheer and utter vulnerability to well up in my soul.

Then I realize that my focus is on the wrong place, the wrong person.   I am looking at the mere human – flesh and bones.  There is a precious, most amazing part of their story that I fail to see. 

In all the Word of God, there is a little phrase that changes all circumstance.  Two words that changes the course of time.  Two words that hold the authority to do miraculous things.

Two words that…

Cause blind men to see.  The lame to walk for the first time.

Give power for men to walk in the fire untouched.  Cause the lions’ mouths to be closed.

Two words that give life to the deceased.  Heal the broken hearted.

Two words that give hell-bound sinners a second chance to live eternity with God.

Two words!

Two words!

Two words!

But God!  Praise Jesus! 

But God!

But God!

Hallelujah! I have had “But God” moments in my life.  Moments where I wanted to dig a hole and hide until it was all over.   Moments where I could not see the light and the end of the tunnel.  Moments where I wondered where the Light was.

Moments of hatred, despair, sorrow, grief, selfishness, disappointment.  Moments of loneliness, anger, uncertainty, hesitation.
Moments in life where….where I…where I misplace my focus forgetting those two wonderful words.


Don’t you see.  Those two words change everything!  Every life circumstance.  Every hurt.  Every pain.

It is in those vulnerable moments, where I am the weakest, that God can show His mightiness.  Where the circumstances seem impossible, but God shows up on the scene!  How precious are those words. 


Comforting! Encouraging! Hopeful! Promising! Confident! 

Peace, sweet peace in God!

You see, in my life I haven’t faced any real devastation when compared to so many others.  But I have experienced the grace and mercy of God. 

There have been seasons in life where I was so gripped by hatred that I could have literally pushed someone off a cliff and walked away smiling.  Yeah, that’s ugly.  The ugliest part of me that I wouldn’t want others to see.  But God!  God delivered me from the hatred!  Not once, but had to learn the lesson twice!

A recent season of life left me distant from all the things that I once enjoyed.  I built walls isolating myself from the outside world, turning away from all but a few people who I felt the most secure with.   Distance grew and walls got higher brick by brick.  My heart become harder and harder to those around me.  But God!  After allowing me to lick my own wounds for two years, God has said “Long enough!  No more!”  He has reminded me that there is more to life than my circumstances.  There are people who need to hear “BUT GOD” 

So after being challenged today to write blog post that “reflects a bit of my heart,”  I hope that you can see that the moments in your life, the one you may be facing right now, is a “But God” moment.   Remember that when all else fails, you can rest assured that God will show Himself faithful and mighty.  
When you look at your life’s circumstances and you feel vulnerable and without hope, remember…


It changes everything!

But God! 
But God!
But God!

I would love for you to comment below and share a “But God” moment in your life. 

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  1. So true...good words! I wish I could figure out a way to make "but God" part of my name. :-) Charlotte "but God" Angles. ha ha!