Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little “i” meet “I AM”

 And God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.”  Exodus 3:14

Who am i to use a capital “i” when referring to myself? i am a person who fails miserably every day. On most days, my house needs more attention than i can give it. My attitude and mouth get the best of me. My futile attempts of being the person i should fall short. My walk with Christ and reading of His Word are far from where they should be.
Not long ago i was desperate. Something had to change. For years i tried to do it on my own. i vowed to use my words and actions to build up and not tear down. i swore to be diligent in my household duties and finances. i promised to read the Word and serve Christ like He deserves. After every pledge to do better, i found myself in the same position as before – defeated and bruised from failure. 
Each time i failed i wondered back to a familiar friend who was trusting, encouraging, and nonjudgmental. My friend welcomed me time and time again. There are not many who will genuinely love you right where you are, but my friend did.
i finally realized little “i” cannot make permanent changes on my own, but my friend, “I AM,” can.  The Self-Sufficient One willing came along beside me and gave me strength to carry on. One step at a time, we walk toward a changed me. i surrender myself daily, acknowledging i will never be sufficient on my own. Little “i” needs the great I AM.
When we try to be sufficient on our own, our attempts are powerless and will come to nothing. Only when we acknowledge and trust the ability of “I AM” will change occur. In a world where being a capital “I” is important it seems like a negative thing to be little.  But being little is a delightful feeling when resting in the arms of the All-Sufficient, All-Knowing I AM.

My Father and I AM,
Thank you for allowing me to see being a little “i” is exactly where i need to be.  You know my past, present, and future.  How can i not trust You to know what is best for me? It is in Your self-sufficiency i am protected, guided, and free to serve You, the great “I AM.”