Monday, October 3, 2011

Multitudes on Monday

This journey began long before today.  Standing in the aisle at Lifeway with the book {One Thousand Gifts} in hand, I read the first chapter.  My tears revealed the inner terror the words provoked in my soul.  Having only read the first few paragraphs, I closed the book and put it back on the shelf.  

Thankfulness?  I think not. The words penned by the sweet Ann Voskamp caused fear to rise up in me.  Fear of the unthinkable happening.  If I am not cautious the same fear I felt in the aisle of Lifeway that day will grip me and hold me captive today. 

I have come full circle. The fear has been laid at the feet of my Father and in replaced by {thankfulness}.

It is my joy to begin my One Thousand Gifts journey.  As author Ann Voskamp encourages, to LIVE FULLY right where I am. 

Life is full of hurts, disappointments, and broken roads.  We have two choices.  We can choose to embrace the negative, bitter attitude with closed fists.  Or we can choose to embrace an attitude of thankfulness living fully with hands open wide.

I choose to live free with hands open wide. 

And begins my journey to naming my 1000 Gifts...

#1 - Truth

#2 - Freedom to choose

#3 - A loving, patient husband

#4 - The pure love of a child

#5 - Faithful sisters-in-Christ who encourage me to press on

Will you join me in choosing to live fully?

Read more about {One Thousand Gifts} by clicking here.



  1. I am excited to journey with you through 1000 Gifts, Emily! I'm so glad youre posting about it here!

  2. Love it Emily, I have been doing mine a while and post on Mondays as well. Can't wait to read your lists each week too!